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Rush Northville is still looking for players in the following age groups:

2007 boys azul, Steve Fellhauer, [email protected]

2006 Boys Nero, Hector Morales, [email protected]

2018 Michigan Rush Northville Tryouts will be held June 16 and 17 at NCP 15801 Beck Road Northville, MI 48168.  Please plan on attending both Saturday and Sunday for tryouts.  Players should bring ball, shinguards and water with them to tryouts and arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their tryout.  Check in will be located at the pavilion in the middle of the baseball fields off the Beck Road entrance. 

Pre-registration for tryouts has now closed.  Players are still welcome to attend the tryouts if you did not pre-register but will be required to fill out a form onsite.

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Questions regarding tryouts can be directed to our DOC's.
Mark Zathey Technical Director, [email protected] 734-834-6332
Brian Doyle U14-U18 Boys and Girls, 248-890-8967
Eric Rudland U11-U13 Boys and Girls, [email protected] 517-812-0628
Boyzzz Khumalo U9-U10 Boys and Girls, [email protected] 502-294-9234
Charlie Roberts U7-U8 Boys and Girls, [email protected] 412-607-7158

Michigan Rush Northville Tryout Schedule

Birth YearTeamTimeFieldCoachCoach EmailCoach PhoneDates
2012Rush11-1pmNCP 4Charlie Roberts[email protected]412-607-7158June 16-17
2011Rush11-1pmNCP 4Charlie Roberts[email protected]412-607-7158June 16-17
2010Rush3-5pmNCP 3Charlie Roberts[email protected]412-607-7158June 16-17
2009Rush1-3pmNCP 4Eric Rudland[email protected]517-812-0628June 16-17
2009Nero1-3pmNCP 4Charlie Roberts[email protected]412-607-7158June 16-17
2008Rush3-5pmNCP 4John Buchanan[email protected]248-388-2725June 16-17
2007Rush9-11amNCP 4John Buchanan[email protected]248-388-2728June 16-17
2007Nero9-11amNCP 4John Buchanan[email protected]248-388-2728June 16-17
2006Rush11-1pmNCP 1Eric Rudland[email protected]517-812-0628June 16-17
2006Nero11-1pmNCP 1John Buchanan[email protected]248-388-2728June 16-17
2005Rush5-7pmNCP 2Jeff Shuk[email protected]313-505-7693June 16-17
2004Rush9-11amNCP 2Jeff Shuk[email protected]313-505-7693June 16-17
2003Rush7-9pmNCP 1Dave Demeter[email protected]734-752-1650June 16-17
2002Rush9-11amNCP 1Brian Doyle[email protected]248-890-8967June 16-17
2001Rush9-11amNCP 1Brian Doyle[email protected]248-890-8967June 16-17
2001Nero9-11amNCP 1Eric Rudland[email protected]517-812-0628June 16-17
2000Rush9-11amNCP 1Eric Rudland[email protected]517-812-0628June 16-17


Birth Year TeamTime FieldCoachCoach Email Coach PhoneDates 
2012Rush11-1pmNCP 3Boyzzz Khumalo[email protected]502-294-9234June 16-17
2011White11-1pmNCP 3Dave Hart[email protected]248-345-3236June 16-17
2011Blue11-1pmNCP 3Dave Hart[email protected]248-345-3236June 16-17
2010Rush5-7pmNCP 3Nico LaRocca[email protected]586-610-6763June 16-17
2010Nero5-7pmNCP 3Charlie Roberts[email protected]412-607-7158June 16-17
2009Rush1-3pmNCP 3Mario Ramirez[email protected]734-474-0161June 16-17
2009Nero1-3pmNCP 3Mario Ramirez[email protected]734-474-0161June 16-17
2008Rush5-7pmNCP 4Mario Ramirez[email protected]734-474-0161June 16-17
2008Nero5-7pmNCP 4Mario Ramirez[email protected]734-474-0161June 16-17
2007Rush9-11amNCP 3Dave Hart[email protected]248-345-3236June 16-17
2007Nero9-11amNCP 3Todd Pheiffer[email protected]248-504-9044June 16-17
2007Azul9-11amNCP 3Steve Fellhauer[email protected]303-842-7870June 16-17
2006Rush11-1pmNCP 2Jeff Shuk[email protected]313-505-7693June 16-17
2006Nero11-1pmNCP 2Hector Morales[email protected]786-391-9763June 16-17
2005Rush3-5pmNCP 1Eric Rudland[email protected]517-812-0628June 16-17
2005Nero3-5pmNCP 1Boyzzz Khumalo[email protected]502-294-9234June 16-17
2004Rush5-7pmNCP 1Dave Demeter[email protected]734-752-1650June 16-17
2004Nero5-7pmNCP 1Dave Hart[email protected]248-345-3236June 16-17
2003Rush1-3pmNCP 1Brian Doyle[email protected]248-890-8967June 16-17
2003Nero1-3pmNCP 1Boyzzz Khumalo[email protected]502-294-9234June 16-17
2002Rush1-3pmNCP 2Boyzzz Khumalo[email protected]502-294-9234June 16-17
2002Nero1-3pmNCP 2Boyzzz Khumalo[email protected]502-294-9234June 16-17
2001Rush3-5pmNCP 2Nick Deren[email protected]313-595-4467June 16-17
2001Nero3-5pmNCP 2Nick Deren[email protected]313-595-4467June 16-17
2000Rush3-5pmNCP 2Nick Deren[email protected]313-595-4467June 16-17



Michigan Rush Northville
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