Michigan Rush Soccer Club

Why choose Michigan Rush Lansing?

What is the Rush?

Since 1997, Rush Soccer, which is the biggest youth club in the world, has diligently worked hard on providing its young players with the best possible opportunities to develop their game. With its national and international infrastructure, the club provides its players and teams with unparalleled opportunities and experiences.
A sophisticated support system allows all the member clubs to take advantage of all recourses available nationally and globally. The massive network amongst professional, collegiate and youth coaches that Rush enjoys provides access and interaction at all levels.
Rush’s seasoned and experienced staff shares incredible achievements, from multiple National Championships to hundreds of State Cup championships and dozens of Regional awards. Its impact nationally is felt from producing more than 30 currently playing professional players, to the local Micro divisions that are systematically training the newest generation.
Partnered with major brands and entities, Rush is able to provide a great range of programs and assets to its members at a very reasonable price. CHEVROLET, ADIDAS and RED BULL are our latest national partners but we also have local entities that provide critical support for our young players. 
SOCCER.COM/EUROSPORT is another important partner that allows Rush members to enjoy easy access to the necessary gear for incredibly discounted prices.

Why should a parent consider Rush when deciding which program is best for their child?
Soccer is a team sport that, unlike any other team sport, promotes the individual development of a player in tight relation with the team performance, mainly due to the nature of the game. The non-stop, high intensity action, with very few stoppages/breaks for players to receive specific instructions, demands quick and proper reaction. Thus, players are forced to make decisions as they see the play develop. Obviously, the player development is a long and grueling journey filled with emotional and physical ups and downs. 
In the Rush, the fundamental understanding of the game is slowly engraved in the young players while they master all the necessary skills needed to perform on a given game. The competitive nature of a player and their physical characteristics at early stages can easily overshadow the fundamentally crucial, technical development. The love for the game can also be damaged if the players only enjoy it when they win. This is a natural human reaction but the game is a competition, and in order to compete one must work at improving and getting better with hard work and dedication to learning. 
Rush addresses all the critical developmental components methodically and rigorously.
Bottom line…Rush develops winning players that overachieve and strive to be the best through a systematic and proven system. Rush does that by maintaining community based training opportunities and integrating everyone in multiple levels and programs, state wide, nationally and internationally.

Why choose Michigan Rush Lansing?

  • Offers the best value
  • Has the one largest member base in Michigan, providing opportunities for every age group
  • Is part of the largest youth soccer club in the world
  • Develops players at the national standard
  • Offers the most programs and opportunities for players
  • Is an entity that is run by some of the area’s top coaches 
  • Has the best staff with credentials from USSF and NSCAA
  • Has comprehensive curriculum throughout all age groups
  • Has weekly Goalkeeper Specific Training
  • Has weekly Functional Training (position specific training)
  • Provides an extensive and detailed written Player Evaluations
  • Provides travel opportunities
  • Provides opportunities to play statewide selected Rush teams
  • Provides opportunities to play with nationally selected teams
  • Provides opportunities to guest play anywhere in the country where Rush affiliates are based
  • Has a very elaborate College Advisory Program connected to extensive nationwide network of coaches


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