Rush Downriver U12B Nike Win Midland Invitational


Bu12 champs

The Michigan Rush Downriver BU-12 team won the 31st Annual Midland Invitational Tournament in the BU-13 White division.

This is the first season the BU-12 team is playing in the WSSL 13Y league and their 3rd 11v11 tournament this season.  Since they played in a division with 7 teams the boys were guaranteed 4 games and the champion was crowned based on total points.  The weekend, which happened to be over Mothers' Day, featured wild weather including rain, gusting winds and even hail during one of the games!  The boys played their best game vs. the Michigan Tigers in the first game winning 3-0.  We then played the host club Midland Fusion winning 4-3.  On Sunday we faced the worst weather with high gusting winds and some hail with temperatures only in the mid to high 30s.  The boys played Northland United, who were in 2nd place at the time, winning 2-1.  For the last game we played a much larger Waterford Warriors team.  This was the first game in which we trailed and there was concern that the boys had tired but they came back in the second half with 2 goals to go ahead before conceding a late goal in the final minute to win 3-2.
In the picture the boys are holding up the #1 for champions of the Midland Tournament but their coach is holding up the #3 as this is the teams' third tournament win this year (Bowling Green in the fall, Motor City Challenge indoor in the winter, and now Midland in the spring)!
The BU-12 team is:
Front Row: Austin Vianueva,
2nd Row: Nick Moody, Christian Drzyzga, Trevor Watters, Ben Church, Alex Arble, John Klein, Christian Cuevas, Matt Frost, Jacob Sawicki, Max Aston
3rd Row: Alex McKheen, Samir Tayeb, Austin Dukes, Hunter Pierell, Zack Porreca, Coach Vince Porreca
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